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Media, Culture, and the Arts

Summa Cum Laude
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Annabel, thank you for all of your hardwork over the last few years. You’ve really finished strong. If there is anything I can do to help you in the future, just reach out and let me know.

— Dr. Henry R. Bleattler


  • Co-Designer at The Empire State Tribune Magazine (Fall 2017-Spring 2020)
  • House of Queen Elizabeth I Scholar (2018-2019)
  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship
  • Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation Scholarship
  • Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters Scholarship Fund


House of Queen Elizabeth I

Notes for Annabel

Annabel, what can I say…you are a rock star! It has been an honor to walk through the past 3 years with you, from Sophomore Statesmanship to internship to working full time alongside you. I am so excited to watch how you grow in this next season. You are passionate, driven and intentional and I appreciate you so much. Happy Graduation!

You are a remarkable woman and a joy to know. You know what matters, and I can’t wait to see how God will use you.

you are so beautiful babe!!! I am so proud of all you have accomplished and can’t wait to see all that you do going forward! You are one of the greatest of friends and i’m so thankful to have you!!

MISS ANNABEL HUTCHINSON. I’ve never met anyone like you! You are seriously so inspiring always. Your work ethic is unmatched, I hope you know that. You’re seriously the most dedicated person (cough cough SUMMA CUM LAUDE!!!) I’ve ever met. I am so impressed by how you just choose to invest your time well, and do everything to the very best of your ability. And you have fun doing it. And you are so freaking humble about it. You do it all…how?! I’m so glad I met you freshman year. Already looking forward to our FOURTH Gelso and grand date 😭 and all the other hangs we will have since we live in adjacent neighborhoods now 🙂 I cannot wait to see how God uses your life over the next few years, because He certainly used you to IMMENSELY bless those around you throughout your time in college. You blow everyone away without even trying. At this point I’m just gushing but I could go on and on. Love you so much! So proud of you!

Annabel! You absolute Queen. You have embodied leadership and you are so incredible. Congratulations!

Congrats, AB! You constantly amaze me with how present your heart is in all that you do. Your dedication to King’s, QE1, and all who have had the privilege of being loved by you over the past few years was a wonder to watch. I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you continue to accomplish beyond graduation. Those who get the opportunity to know and work with you will be blessed by how deeply you care for all you do. It is a joy to know you. Cheers to you and all the Dr. B classes we took together… I will cherish them forever! XOXO, B

Congrats Queen!, you are gonna do such great things and this world is not ready for your brilliance 🙂

congratulations Annabel !! I’m so glad I got to go to Israel with you and that our paths crossed at King’s— you are so sweet and kind, incredibly capable and smart but so humble about it, and you radiate joy. cheering you on!! <3

You’re amazing AB and there really is nothing you can’t do! So incredibly proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished to this point. Can’t wait to see all of the success you’ll achieve! It’s a blessing to be by your side.

AB—you’ve taught me so much about life through your example: being intentional with others and the way you use your time, putting 110% into everything you do, to ‘treat yo self’ and recognize that ‘you win some, you lose some’, and to celebrate the little victories! You’re a joy to know and love and I’m grateful for your friendship that has (literally) taken us around the world (but always remember that NJ is the center of the world). <3

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