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Biggie has been the student body’s most constant supporter and loving friend. We hope his place in the yearbook honors his place in our community.

— Colin Vaughn Phillips


  • Saved my human’s life
  • Brought unmatched love and enthusiasm to campus
  • Maintained exceptional professionalism in all classes
  • Graciously offered licks and hugs in exchange for pets and treats
  • Served as an unofficial therapy dog to all students, faculty, and staff
  • Successfully guarded the Student Union
  • Follow me and my future adventures through my instagram page, @princebiggums!


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Biggie

Biggie! What can I say? You made the sad days better and the great days even greater. Your smile is infectious and made everyone’s day. May your tail never stop wagging!❤️🐶

Let’s be honest, if anyone deserves a page, it’s you. You lifted the spirits of everyone who got to meet you (with the exception of the guy who tried to sneak onto campus). You are the goodest of boys.

I can think of no one else I’ve seen grow as much as Biggie (quite literally). Always made the student union or the lobby a better hang-out spot!

You’re such a good boy Biggie! Thanks for giving me all the loves when I needed them most. Campus won’t be the same without you buddy!

Nobody knows how to comfort people better than you, Biggie. Much love ♥️

Woof! Aroooo! Grg. Mmm. Woof. Roo. Roo. Arggg!
(Congrats Biggie, you are the true sidekick to every King’s student! I’m glad you got to tour my apartment as well!)

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