Catherine Grace Shoemaker

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Summa Cum Laude
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What a privilege, Catie, to watch you grow up before my very eyes. I knew in NCFCA, you would be a force to be reckoned with, and so it is! Of course, you are an excellent student and a A+ debater, but I love your heart for God’s people too. I can’t wait to see the next chapter of your beautiful life unfold. Perhaps next we will be judging together at a National tournament someday!

— Megan Lassiter


  • House of Susan B. Anthony President (2019-2020)
  • House of Susan B. Anthony Scholar (2018-2019)
  • Faculty Assistant to Professor Brian Brenberg (Spring 2019 – Fall 2020)
  • Legal Policy Intern at The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research (Spring 2020)
  • Events Intern at The Manhattan Insitutte for Policy Research (Fall 2019)
  • Legal Intern at The Sanctuary for Families (Spring 2020)
  • Oikonomia Scholarship Recipient


  • Women’s Basketball 2018-2019


House of Susan B. Anthony

Notes for Catherine

Congrats, Catie! 💛 You were a blessing to our house. You are a woman who backs her words with actions, and you have taught so many of us what it means to be a strong leader. You are a force to be reckoned with, and I am excited to watch you flourish in NYC outside of King’s.

I am so glad I got to know you in my time at King’s. You were a fantastic neighbor at Council meetings and always reminded me of what was important in student leadership. I can’t imagine having gone through our shared experiences without you as a friend.

Thank you for defending our house, me, and my crackhead best friends for the past 3 years. Your leadership and love has sincerely shaped the way I’ve grown up at this school. Can’t wait to see the trail of bootys that you kick along your way. XOXO

You’re the Real Deal.

I’m glad I got to learn that.

And I can’t wait to see how you continue to blossom in and for God’s Kingdom.

Sometimes I think about freshman year me, alone and scared in a giant city that they never really wanted to live in, posting on instagram that they wanted a hug. And how literally 5 seconds later you came over and gave me the warmest, nicest hug, and how that perfectly encapsulates you as a human being. You are fun, and delightful, and ridiculous—and so warm and kind. Freshman me lucked out with you <3

my dearest, extraordinary Catie! I am so lucky that I know you. you are so intelligent and the best editor in all of King’s. you excel at everything you put your mind to. you give straightforward, honest advice. you know how to cheer on your friends. you don’t sugar-coat. you’re driven and competitive. you care deeply. you have integrity that shines through all your actions. you’re a natural leader and you lead by example. you make me laugh so hard. you’re a steadfast friend. you don’t tolerate nonsense. you’re kind and thoughtful. you hold our (insane) dynasty together. you could do anything in life and be great at it, but I am always most impressed by your character.

I knew on your move-in day that I wanted you as my little, but I’m even more glad now that you’re still in my life and one of my best friends. I love you forever!

Congratulations Catie! Crazy to think all those years back at Summit that we would both be in SBA and graduates of TKC. You have set the bar high. I wish you all the best.

Catie, you set the bar high. You’ve been an absolutely vital part of this community. I’ve love having conversations with you that are too deep for the setting and reflecting on our cursed week in SoHo. You inspire me with your self-advocacy, kindness, and grace. Congratulations!

Catie!! You’ve brought such incredible leadership, intelligence, and grace to SBA and TKC these past years that I know you’re bound to be a heck of a woman of influence out there in the world. Congratulations!!!


Although I am writing these words in July, I still wish to congratulate you on your graduation and your exceptionally high level of achievement at King’s. Having you as a student in several courses and working with you on SBA activities were singular pleasures for me. I regret that it was so difficult to stay in touch during your final semester at TKC, but I hope that this will be remedied in the future, especially when the annual SBA Alumnae dinner rolls around. Wishing you many blessings in the years ahead! As ever, DLT

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