Edvin Loefgren

Business Management

Cum Laude
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I always enjoy our chats after class. I sincerely hope you stay in touch because I’m so curious to see what you accomplish.

— Prof. Jim Gannon


  • Faculty Assistant to Assistant Professor of Finance Dr. Dami Kabiawu
  • The King’s College Presidential List (Spring 2020 and Fall 2020)
  • Team Leader of the team representing The King’s College in the Global CapSim competition 2020
  • Team Leader of the team representing The King’s College in the Global Case Competition at Harvard
  • Athletics: USCAA All American Men’s Soccer


  • Men’s Soccer 2018-2020


House of Winston Churchill

Notes for Edvin

Congratulations! May the Lord bless all your ways going forward. What an accomplishment!

Bro, you are a STUD. I really admire how you move in life … you do so much but do it quietly. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you, and I truly hope we don’t lose touch post-grad. I’ll see you soon my guy.

Edvin! From the day I arrived at King’s, you made sure that I was settling in the college and the city. It’s going to be sad not seeing you on campus.
I admire you so much! You inspire everyone around you with your drive to succeed. Thank you for everything!

Love you!

Edvin!! I can’t believe you’re done already. Congratulations! Thanks for being such a wonderful brother to the House of Churchill. The maturity, dedication, and focus you brought to our house was such a gift and a great model for how to succeed in college. Well done! You’ll be greatly missed.

Grattis lille Edvin,önskar Dig allt gott,önskar vi kunde varit hos Dig. Grattis kramar Farmor o Farfar.

An excellent student, a great soccer player, and an even better friend! I could not have wished for a better roommate. Eddy, this is just the start of an amazing journey, and I know that in the end, you will succeed! Keep it going, LFG!!

Edvin, I am pleased that we had an opportunity to meet in your final semester at King’s. I only wish that we had become acquainted sooner! Still, I congratulate you on earning your degree and your impressive level of achievement. I hope we’ll stay in touch, and perhaps I’ll see you in Sweden at some point.

Grattis till examen önskar alla från Östanstorp. Tänk vad fyra år har gått fort, bra jobbat. Se till att komma hem till jul för vi saknar dig!

Grattis till examen, Eddis!
Hur ball det än må vara där borta i amerikat hoppas jag ändå att du snart flyttar hem!
Men om inte får jag åtminstone komma och hälsa på dig var du än befinner dig i världen.
Allt gott, pussar och kramar och så vidare!

Edvin, Best wishes to you in the next phase of your life. I’m glad you chose to attend King’s and play soccer at the school. It seems like you learned and gained a lot more than just soccer. Skol! – Prof Glader

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