Elaina Bals


Magna Cum Laude

Elaina, thank you for being such a strong advocate for our English program in this unusual time — helping students improve as writers, recruiting new students, and inspiring your classmates. You are an impressive writer and scholar, and I can’t wait to see where you go next.

— Dr. Ethan Campbell


  • TKC Students for Life President (2019-2021)
  • Interregnum Liason House of Sojourner Truth (2020-2021)
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor of English and Literature Dr. Ethan Campbell (2019-2021)
  • Student Organizations Committee Member (2020-2021)
  • The King’s College Founder’s Scholarship Honorable Mention


House of Sojourner Truth

Notes for Elaina

Elaina, it was a pleasure getting to know you in APTAP II. Thank you for tirelessly defending life with “reason and compassion” at King’s and beyond. Congrats!

It has been a pleasure to volunteer beside you at Expect Hope and work with you in thinking about the future of Students for Life. You care for your friends, the vulnerable, and those without community so well–I am excited to see where God takes you in this new season of life! Keep making an impact for the Kingdom of heaven 🙂 Love you, girl!


You are such a light to everyone around you! I am so grateful to have met you and gotten to know you in my two years at King’s. I am so excited to see all that you do after graduation. I am very proud of you! Love you girl!

Congratulations, Elaina! You are an incredible scholar and wonderful woman. I look up to your wisdom, leadership, and pursuit of excellence. It’s been an honor to be a fellow Truthie and Kingsian with you. May the Lord continue to bless your endeavors!


You have such a sweet spirit. You make everyone you encounter feel seen and heard. Best of luck post-grad!


What a gift it has been to get to know you these past couple years. You are such a delight and you love people so readily and generously. I’m so excited that you’ll be in the city and that we’ll still get to see each other as you head into this next stage of life <3 <3

Elaina! Congratulations on graduating 🙂 I admire your intelligence, humility, and commitment to making King’s a better place. You are an excellent example of a dedicated student leader! I’ve loved seeing you around campus and I look forward to being co-workers!

Forever my Interregnum queen and friend! Elaina, your wisdom, your laughter, and your grace brought so much light to our house. I will always be thankful for you, and I’ll miss our Interregnum planning sessions! Love you, friend, wishing you all the best!

Elaina! You exude so much kindness to your surroundings. I’m so glad I’ve been able to take a few classes with you. Thank you for reenacting Shakespeare with me even though I had barely memorized any of it. We still got a good grade for it and that’s what matters. Congratulations!

I remember our first visit to King’s and how afterward you you knew that was where you wanted to go. Your time there is coming to an end. It went by so fast. We are both TKC alumni now. I am excited to see how God works through you in the next chapter of your life.
I look forward to visiting you in NYC and exploring all the pizza restaurants we can find. You have done exceedingly well. I am very proud of you.

You have grown from from a precious child to a faithful, lovely woman. I love your passion, energy and sense of adventure. You put 110% into everything! Your love for the Lord touches all you do. You will always be my #1 love muffin!
Blessings and joy,
Aunt Germaine


It’s been a privilege to watch your journey over the last few years. The courage in your choice to leave and come back, and your dedication and growth throughout the whole process. I’ve loved watching from afar and I’m so proud of you. And truly so excited to see what you do from here. I love you!


Congratulations, Elaina! You bless so many with your spirit of kindness. Thank you for having an impact on me that I won’t forget, and I’m praying for your next steps to be full of joy and life.

Sweetest Lay,

Your academic accomplishment, although significant, pales in comparison to the woman you have become. Your warmth, integrity, thoughtfulness, and heart for people is a rich treasure. We love you and are excited to celebrate your continued growth and accomplishments!

Sweet G

You have completed a milestone in your life which is awesome. Remember the world is your oyster go get some with God behind you there is nothing that is impossible

Sweet Elaina, I am honored to be your friend! You inspire me continually to be thoughtful and intentional as I move about the world. I hope that you continue to find joy in all that you do.


You are such a beautiful young women & im so excited for what your future holds. Praying for you as you transition from college to post graduate life. Congratulations on all your hard work in getting your degree. Sending love from afar,


Congratulations, girl on this awesome accomplishment! I remember a time not that long ago you were in a creative writing class and we were coming up with ideas for your story, and now your about to graduate with an English degree! Amazing things are coming your way and I will be praying for you as you take the next steps! God has so much in store for you!


congrats friend! Classes with you were so fun and your insight was always so profound and helpful to me 🙂

congrats and I wish you all the best!

Elaina, it’s been such a privilege to have you in class these past few years. Your curiosity and diligence bring so much to every course, and I will miss you greatly!

Elaina – Based on our time working and talking together, I am certain your future is ridiculously bright. Thank you for your dedication to projects tangible and hoped for. Please keep in touch; I wanna see all the cool things God has planned for you! Congratulations!!

Elaina! You always have a smile and a safe personality. I love how you invest time in publius, SFL, and individuals so well! Good luck on whatever God has planned for you next!

What can I say?! Elaina, you are such a gift! You have a sharp mind and a compassionate soul. Your attentiveness to detail in our M&C office was an incredible asset – I knew I could trust the quality of the projects you were working on because it’s just who you are to care about the small things. It was my honor to work with you last summer and I hope that in some way or another, God will lead our paths together again. Thank you for championing a whole-life ethic at King’s through Students for Life and for encouraging your fellow students to imagine ways to support families, mothers, and children. So grateful for you and for the way you build up every area where you spend time.

CONGRATS !! Lay so proud of all your accomplishments. Can’t believe how grown up you’ve become. I will never forget all our “cousin summers” and of course shooting Narnia. Wishing you all the best on your new adventures, “The world is your oyster”, go get emm.


What an awesome work you have done in these years! I have loved watching you grow and gain confidence to make the choices you have! You are brave and faithful. I pray these gifts of yours and the hard work brings you the satisfaction and enjoyment you want. You are such a genuine person and look forward to visiting in the big apple! Much love , Aunt Dawn💕

Congratulations on all your amazing accomplishments my sweet Lay! You are a precious gift from God and I cannot wait to see all that he has in store for you. Sending you so much love and the biggest hug from Maryland,
Aunt Jeanette

We are so proud of you . Aside from your academic accomplishments ( which are outstanding).
Being known as you are as a true friend ,a great sister and cousin, a good daughter and a True believer is the real accomplishment.

Congratulations! Thank you for always being so kind and sweet! I enjoy talking with you, and I will miss seeing your face every week at King’s! I hope we stay in touch and everything goes well for you this summer! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaina, Elaina, Elaina- You were a name I heard when I first came to King’s, a face I came to know a year later, and are now a friend I greatly admire and feel so lucky to have. I love your fun and adventurous spirit and admire your intellect, humility, and curiosity. I can’t wait to see you take the literary world by storm!

Sweet Lay,
You did it! You graduated from the King’s College. I’m so proud of you! You take on life with such enthusiasm and determination. You give your all in everything you do and you inspire others to do the same. I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to use you as a blessing in the lives of others.
Proverbs 31:30
Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing,
But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised.
Well done, Dearest, well done.

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