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Emily, though I only got to see you on screens this past year, your insightful contributions to literature classes like Southern Lit and History of the Novel always made them better. I’m sure you’ll carry your curiosity and love of great books into whatever you pursue next.

— Dr. Ethan Campbell


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship
  • The King’s College Founder’s Scholarship Honorable Mention
  • House of Corrie ten Boom Competitions Associate (2018-2019)
  • Intern for Eric Metaxas at The Eric Metaxas Show
  • Grassroots/Outreach Intern at Reclaim NY


House of Corrie ten Boom

Notes for Emily

Congratulations Em! You did it! In my time at King’s I have watched been such a constant and loyal friend to those you love. You have chosen to support and be supported by those around you, and that is what it really means to be a part of a community, and what we hope every King’s student discovers. I hope you continue to thrive in whatever community you find yourself in no matter where you are. All the best to you and Mike!

Congratulations EMILY!!! I have always loved you and always will. I know you are a grown, beautiful woman, but to me you will always be sweet little EMILY.
So proud of you!! Love Papa.

Congratulations Emily! We are so very proud of you. It is hard to believe our first Grand is married and soon to be a college graduate. Your dedication, hard work to achieve, and love for others are a reflection of an amazing, beautiful person.
Much love, Pops & Nana

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