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Emma, you are incredible. Although covid tried to get in the way, you did an amazing job of leading ten Boom through a year filled with challenges, steadily and gracefully (and made it look easy). I look forward to seeing what the Lord has planned for you next!

— Dr. Kelly Lehtonen


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship
  • House of Corrie ten Boom President (2019-2020)
  • House of Corrie ten Boom Competitions Associate (2020-2021)
  • House of Corrie ten Boom Interregnum Liason (2020-2021)
  • Participant in Europa 2019: Rome and Florence
  • The King’s College Dean’s List (Fall 2018, Spring 2020, Fall 2020)


House of Corrie ten Boom

Notes for Emma

Emma, watching you flourish in leadership for CtB was such a treat! Your low key but persistent push toward excellence has helped transform the House. What a rocky start, in so many ways, and you handled it all incredibly. Can’t wait to see what is next along the Lord’s path for you.

Emma. So Proud. You are a woman of persistence, vision, and valor. It has been such an honor to see you challenge yourself and grow into the leader that you are. I will miss you. Congratulations on making it to the end of this finish line, I will be cheering you on towards the next, whatever that may be.

Love ya!

It was such a joy to be on the Council with you last year. I loved getting to witness your kindness in how you led your House and helped prioritize the health of your community.

Congratulations, Emma! I’m celebrating with you the end of your King’s journey and the beginning of the next. All the best and keep in touch!

Emma, I cannot believe we did it!! So proud to call you friend and sister and forever my ten Boom president! I am so thankful for all your wisdom and our chats. I cannot wait to see what you do post King’s. I love you deeply!

Congratulations Emma! You are pure joy and it is such an honor to know you. Thank you for the warmest hugs and the sweetest words. Love you!

There were so many times throughout my King’s career where I needed to talk to someone, and I didn’t know who, and you showed up for me in big and small ways alike. No matter the upheaval I have faced, you have been there to listen, to make me laugh, to love me, and to trip over nothing right beside me. (Part of me cannot believe I broke my ankle before you did; the other part of me knows this was inevitable). I am so honored to know you, and so excited for all your future holds. Thanks for being my friend, please never stop <3

Emma! You have been a consistent source of joy at King’s. Your smile is infectious, even with your mask on! Thanks for being such a wonderful presence on campus. Congratulations on graduating.

Emma, you have always been such a warm, sweet, and steady presence throughout our time at King’s. You’ve always been down for a fun time: be it all-nighters, late night conversations about God, our house, jam sessions to BTS. You always give the most amazing mom hugs that make me feel so loved. You love people so we’ll, with such a readiness to listen to them and genuine care for their well-being. I’m so grateful to have gotten to walk through college with you and am so stoked that you’ll still be in the city!!

Congratulations Emma!!! You did it! I hope you have the absolute best time doing all the amazing things I know you’ll accomplish. You are so kind, cool, and all around amazing and you should be so proud of this achievement! Congrats again!! <3

Congratulations on your graduation Emma! We are so proud of you and look forward to the next chapter in your life.

Congratulations Emma,
I know your parents are proud. Hope you enjoy this wonderful day, you have earned it. 😎🍾🎉

Emma it seems like just yesterday I was working with you and Gracie at PEC!! Congratulations on this amazing achievement!!! All the best to you in your future!

Congratulations Emma! You are a great friend and I can’t wait to see what your future holds. You will be so successful in your career and I wish you the best of luck.

Emma! Congratulations! I am so proud of you. Your joy, laugh and love will be a blessing to everyone you meet. Wishing you all the best dear friend.
p.s have a peach sparkling water for me (:
Love you!

Congrats Emma!!!! You have always been an amazing, genuine, and confident person and that continues to hold true today. You deserve all the good things coming to you. Best of luck! Love you always!

Congratulations Emma!! We are so very proud of you getting through your final and tough year. You persevered despite challenges! Yay for you. Looking forward to what happens next in your life. We do know you love New York City. Sending lots of love. Uncle Jas & Auntie Mo

Emma: We are so proud of your wonderful achievement in graduating from college and send our congratulations. Wishing you much success in your future. It was so nice to be a part of your growing up years and knew you would become successful. Know how proud your parents and grandmother are at this important moment in your life… Sending much love to you, The Stohler family

Beautiful Miss Emma ❤️ Sweet, dimple smiled equestrian, you and Gracie were so satisfying to work with and watch together. Whatever you set your hand to will meet with success 💪

WooHoo, Emma!!!! Congratulations! Where did the 4 years go?! We love you. Your future is Bright! Keep on shining God’s Light! Matthew 5:16😊💞

Congratulations, Emma!!
It was our pleasure to be able to spend so many of our early homeschooling years together. We had so much fun together at the Medieval Fair. Also when all you kids painted your faces blue when we were learning about the Celtic tribes.
Chris remembers running around outside of covenant with you guys after co-op.
Many blessings on you in this new phase of your journey and May tge Lird lead you and guide you! Psalm 37:3❤️

Dear Sweet Emma,

Congratulations to you! You have worked hard and we are so very proud of you!! Can’t wait to hear all about the next exciting chapter in your life. From a small town girl to the excitement of the Big Apple. Wow what fun!! Now go and set the world on fire!! We love you very much our beautiful niece!
Much love, Auntie Betty and Uncle George

EMMA! You have been such a great friend to me from the very beginning. You are so kind, patient, and a stable presence. You have been a great Big and a great President. I am so proud of you!

My little bébé crow,

I really truly cannot remember a time without you in my life. To be your friend and then your roommate makes me feel like I hit the jackpot!

I love your kindness, your joy, and your competitive spirit. I love how much you stick to your guns and are always up for adventures, from our spontaneous trip to the winter village to see ice skaters to seeing movies and then being utterly bewildered or blown away by them. I can’t get Dunkin Donuts without thinking of you, and I will never see that Old Navy ad with the “Dynamite” cover without being enraged on your behalf that it’s a cover and not the original version of the song. I love you SO much!!!

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