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Media, Culture, and the Arts

Summa Cum Laude
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From our early days together in Western Civ, I suspected you were going to be a great King’s student. Later experiences in Classical Literature made that abundantly clear. Thanks for your hard work, good questions, and excellent writing. All the best, whatever comes next!

— Dr. Joshua Kinlaw


  • The King’s College President’s List (Fall 2017-Spring 2021)
  • Faculty Assistant to Lecturer of English and Writing (2018-2020)


House of Sojourner Truth

Notes for Esther

Esther, it was wonderful to have you in my literature classes, where you always had valuable insights. Congratulations on all of your academic achievements, and on your graduation!

Congratulations on being Valedictorian! I always loved coming to class with you because I knew your reading of whatever we were assigned would be so deep and wise.


From the moment you sat across from me at that library table and confessed to enjoying the same books as me, I knew that we were going to be friends. (Though people constantly question how I was able to become friends with someone as cool as you.) I am deeply lucky to know you, to have sat side by side with you in class, and to have learned from you. I am so happy that your academic abilities are being recognized as valedictorian as I have witnessed first hand the dedication you have to academic excellence and scholarship. And one day I hope that somehow we will be in the same city again so that we can visit bookstores, see movies, and get ice cream together. (Or at least closer than opposite sides of the country.)

Congratulations, Esther! I’m grateful for the summer we got to live together. Praying for the next stop in your journey to be full to the brim with everything you love. Cheering you on!

Congratulations Esther. Well done! I am on tiptoes waiting to see how Our Lord will use you as am ambassador for the Gospel.

Your brilliance and class are evident to everyone and serve to elevate our Dynasty. Thank you for your stalwart efforts editing The Joyous Gard. I hope your celebrations are merry, your adventures wild, and your victories non-Pyrrhic.

In all affection,

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