Gaius Gay

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

It has been fantastic to have you in class. Keep on with your energy and your love for others!

— Dr. David Talcott


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Gaius

Congrats, Gaius! Thanks for being such a fun & energetic front-security-desk-guy 🙂 Wishing you all the best in this new season!

Gaius, a very hearty congratulations! Since the moment we met you’ve been a constant source of friendship and laughter. You’ve been a great classmate and a joy to be around! Can’t wait to see where you go!

gaius – you light up every single room you walk into! proud of you and congratulations!!!!

There is so much I could say about you, because you are such a wonderful soul. I am incredibly grateful that we got to know each other in Kong’s class, and I am especially grateful to have gotten to know you in the years since then. You are such a bright light, and everyone who encounters you sees this. Your kindness is something that is so evident in everyone that you interact with. I cannot wait to see what you accomplish next!

I am so glad to have had you in the House, especially as another older guy. I could always trust your perspective as I knew that you are a wise and good man.

Gaius, your constant friendship has been a blessing over the past four years. You are quick to encourage others, include outsiders, and serve the weary. You’ve taught me compassion and empathy. Thanks for always showing up, celebrating good times, and making the best of bad situations. We made it through! Cheers to the next chapter!

Congrats, Gaius!! Thank you for always offering your perspective and wisdom over the years. I admire how quick you are to help anyone. You care for others so well and they are better for knowing you. The past few years wouldn’t have been the same without you! Cheers, Brittany

My guyyyyy—yas hahaha,

Bro, you are the most loved person on campus for a reason. Your positivity and genuineness is infectious. Also, you age like you’re a Greek god, so you got that going for you too. But man, I hope we get the chance to connect even deeper post-grad. Let’s definitely keep in touch. I would crack an exit-Asian joke here but I do not think it will be approved, so I’ll save it for when I see you hahahaha.

Wish you all the best brother. Much love.

Gaius. Dude. You did it! You’re welcome for keeping you up to date for Interregnum during your “Adventures in Singapore.” The nerve of some people, ya know? Keep traveling and doing excessive cross fit like in freshman year, and also keep moving apartments all the time so I never know where you are. Sheesh. Pleasure having you in Reagan!

Gaius! So happy that we’ve been able to have so many fun moments together. I will forever appreciate your engaging presence and faithful friendship. I’ll see you around. Xx

Gaius!! From Blander and Corbin’s intro courses till now, you’ve been the most terrific philosophy buddy. I already miss running paper ideas by you and hearing your thoughts on some random fine point made in class. You’ve been a great pal and classmate these past few years, and your endless curiosity is always such a joy. Wishing you the very best in this next season of life!

Gaius— thanks for all the laughs and good times over the years, even studying ancient philosophy was more fun with you! Next time you’re in London, we’re going to Dishoom!

Gaius, I greatly enjoyed having you as a student in several courses. Your engagement with all the readings was always evident, and I appreciated your questions and good cheer. Please stay in touch. I look forward to more conversations with you about international affairs and politics in Asia. Wishing you many blessings!

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