Jan Gerber

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Magna Cum Laude

Jan, I really enjoyed having you as a student in the 2008 financial crisis course and in the Scottish Enlightenment. Your curiosity and candor as well as your insights were much appreciated. I’ll miss having you in class or in extra curricular reading groups, but I am excited to see where you go next!

— Dr. Paul Mueller


  • Founder of the John Quincy Adams Society
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor of Politics Dr. David Tubbs (2019-2020)
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Paul Mueller (2019-2020)
  • Research Intern at the Cato Institute Foreign and Defense Policy Department (2020)
  • Young Global Professional at the Atlantic Council (2021)


  • Men’s Soccer 2018-2019


House of Winston Churchill

Notes for Jan

Jan, thank you for being one of the coolest guys out there! You are an inspiring leader and role model!

Jan the man.

You really are the man bro. I’ve always been inspired by your grind and look up to you in many ways. It’s crazy how time flies … I’ve always been meaning to slide to your place and kick it but life has been so busy for the both of us, you already know how it goes. I look forward to changing that post-grad, regardless of how the pieces may fall for us. See you in BK, or see you in Poland, but I’ll see you.

Congrats on the finish brother

Since that first day that we collectively set foot on the campus of this strategic institution; when we ate low-quality diner food paid for by an unnamed (and shortly thereafter, named) angel; when it took me three tries to understand how to pronounce your name; when you told me you came to the mighty College of the King because of an email, I knew, “I have nothing in common with this guy.”

But forged in the fire of circumstance and cold utility, we became roommates. By nothing but sheer happenstance, we then became friends. By an equally capricious twist of fate, we then returned to the more comfortable position of acquaintances. Colleagues, even.

Love you buddy. You will do, and have done, great things. I look forward to being a small (insignificant, really) part of your life, and hope that our time together at this school will represent only a fraction of the thoughtful conversations, hearty laughter, and shared triumphs we’ll experience as we move forward.

Congrats Jan! It was always nice to have someone to talk to about how I miss Professor Mackin and his research writing class–we still need to convince him to come back to King’s so that future generations can benefit haha.
Best of luck on all your post-grad plans 🙂

Jan. Yes, in the way I call you Jan. It’s been a pleasure knowing you and having our serendipitous chats in the library. You’re a smart lad, and a good pal. Keep up the good work in your future endeavors!

Congrats Steve. You’re genuinely too smart, but some of that knowledge is of Napoleon and Borat so you’re okay I guess 😉

I admire your demeanor and intellect. Looking forward to seeing how you apply them both in the future! You were one of the first King’s students I ever met, and I came here in part because of you :). Thank you. Stay focused and informed, and I expect to see your name on a plaque, somewhere very important.

Jan! It’s been so nice to hang with you these past few years, especially with ALL the events we did over the years! So excited to see what you’re up to in the upcoming years 🙂

Steeve, “Neither worse then nor better is a thing made by being praised.” Your accomplishment in pushing through stands on its own.

“Do we not owe the growth of wine to the dry shabby crooked Vine?” ― Bernard Mandeville

Jan: A perfectly crooked human with the driest humour, and honestly pretty shabby at times. The greatest social sotong that have graced the world with the most honesty and care. The most genuine coal lover. The brother who knocks on the doors of the lonely like an annoying fool not embarrassed about the virtue of friendship. You’re the good Malbec my uncles fed me when I was underaged: absolutely the wrong time but so good that it was right for the lifetime.

Whatever you do in life, remember: you did not wave back at me in the men’s self-care aisle at target. I love you, you crooked bungoh. Cheers to Pol. Cheers to Mandi.


This is a belated acknowledgment of your graduation last month. I congratulate you heartily on earning your degree and graduating magna cum laude! I am so happy that I was at TKC on that summer day when you visited the campus from Boston. Thanks for taking a chance on King’s, and thanks also for your fine work as my FA and for your leadership in JQAS. I look forward to staying in touch! DLT

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