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Magna Cum Laude
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Jennifer, when I saw your name on the list of graduates, I thought, “No way!” It seems like you just got here. Time marches on, I guess. Thanks for all of your hard work. Stay in touch!

— Dr. Henry R. Bleattler


House of Queen Elizabeth I

Notes for Jennifer

Jenn, you are a delight to know. Your joy, passion, and intentionality to know the hearts of people has made a huge impact on this community and I can’t wait to see how you continue to impact the world through being you. All the best!

YOU GLOW. Every interaction I’ve had with you has been a delight. I’m sad our paths couldn’t have crossed more often.

Jenn!!!! my casserole queen🥺 I am so so blessed to have been able to have you as such a dear friend over the past couple years. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished and am sitting on the edge of my seat to see what’s to come for you. You are a beautiful soul!!

Jenn! There is no one else I would have rather spent late nights (early mornings?) sorting through fruits and vegetables with at New York Gospel Mission. I am inspired by your passion to learn and grow and to treat other humans with kindness.

Jenn!! You are such a warm light to every person that you encounter. You carry yourself with so much grace, you listen to people to lovingly, and you have such a wonderful eye for beautiful things. Congratulations on finishing up at King’s! It’s has been such a blessing to know you and have you as a classmate 🙂

Jenn…what can I say?! We are kindred spirits. The times we have hung out have been nothing short of life giving…I look forward to more coffee dates in the near future? As we face this wild world of adulthood together?! You are one of the brightest, most genuine souls I’ve encountered and I really feel honored to know you. I know your future beyond King’s is one full of hospitality and photography and welcoming people and using that brilliant mind of yours to make the world a better place 🙂 I am getting a little emotional writing this so I will sign off but I can’t wait to give you a big congratulatory hug! LOVE YOU!

Jenn! Congratulations! Okay let me see if I can put into words how incredible you are. You are joy. Light. Charitable. Kind. Sweet. Hard working. Creative. You fight for justice and curate an atmosphere of gratitude wherever you are. I remember one time when you were describing your passion for photography and you said something along the lines of how you want people to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and empowered enough to use their voice and oh my goodness Jenn!! That is exactly the safe space you provide for people. Plus!! We get to see pretty pictures from it! You are truly a Queen. You’ve just got a cap instead of a crown now.

Jenn! Congratulations! It is an honor to know and have been led by you in QE1. The way you care, listen, and share your perspective in this world is a beautiful gift. I’m grateful you consistently choose to share it. I know the future has so many beautiful things in store for you and I can’t wait to see it unfold. Cheers, Brittany

CONGRATS YOU BEAUTIFUL PERSON! I’m a little upset we didn’t become friends until our last semester of college but hey..better late than never lol. Always inspired by you, your work ethic, your heart for others, among so many other things! I LOVE YOU!

Jenn, we only JUST started becoming friends, but I am already in awe of your beauty and grace. I’m so excited to witness all that you do!

Jenn! you are so kind, genuine, and such an iconic Queen! you are going to be so missed, but also I am so excited to see what beauty you will bring to the world. Thanks for being your beautiful self. Congrats friend 🙂

Jenn!! I am so so thankful to be your friend! You are truly a light in so many lives. You have a gift of seeing the beauty in life, and your dedication to understanding and respecting others is so honorable! You are one of the warmest and kindest people I know, and I cannot, I repeat, cannot wait to see you thrive in this next season of life!!

Jen! You are such a ray of sunshine! Thank you for being the best human and being so welcoming. You’re super creative and cool, and I have loved discussing personality types of people in history with you. Congratulations!

Jenn—you have brought so much joy and celebration and specialness to my life, and to all who know you. You’re genuine and compassionate and creative and truly embody QE1’s values better than anyone I know. All the best people come from the Midwest and you are proof of this fact. xoxo

JENN!! You DID IT!! I am over the moon for you and your dedication to the Kings community these last 4 years. Your heart for others and they way you love them is so intentional and beautiful. I am so blessed to call you my friend!! You make this world more beautiful every single day! Soak in the celebrations today, you deserve every second of it! Can’t wait to see you soon and eat homemade bread together! 🧡

Jenn, I so appreciate your creativity and kindness and love for the beautiful. Wishing you many congratulations on your graduation!

oh Jenn, you are just wonderful. you have the most beautiful outlook on life. you use your many talents to bless others. you are gentle and thoughtful and kind and know how to take care of people. I love you and am consistently in awe of you! congrats on a job so well done!!


I was delighted to have you as a student in Con Law in fall 2020, and I congratulate you heartily on your graduation and your very high level of achievement! Please excuse my slowness in signing your page in the digital yearbook. After spring semester ended, I fell asleep for six weeks and awoke just in time for Independence Day. : ) More seriously, I wish you many blessings in the future and hope we’ll stay in touch. DLT

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