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I can’t believe four years has gone by so fast! It’s been great having you in my classes. Looking forward to see where your creativity takes you next!

— Prof. Clemente Lisi


  • Literary Intern at Olswanger Literary LLC (Spring 2021)
  • Deputy Managing Editor for the Empire State Tribune (2020-2021)
  • Campus Editor for The Empire State Tribune (2019-2020)
  • Author Assistant for Aki Ashe (Summer 2020)
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor of Journalism, Media, and Entrepreneurship Paul Glader (Fall 2019)
  • Editorial Intern at American Spa Magazine (2018-2019)


House of Clara Barton

Notes for Madison

Madison, I enjoyed having you in the Novels class this past fall — you always had very insightful contributions to our discussions. Congratulations on your graduation!

Congratulations beautiful!! You have brought so much to King’s and I can’t wait to see where life takes you next!

Congratulations Madison, we are OUT! It’s been dope getting to know you better this past year or so. I wish you all the best moving forward, and we definitely have to set up a time for the pups to kick it soon!

Seemed like a blink of time since you got to TKC and now graduated. It was clear you had a knack for NNF techniques and I’m so glad you are putting them into practice in the book world now. Congratulations on your graduation! And I look forward to keeping in touch.
-Prof Glader

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