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Marisa! It was so much fun to work with you on TKP, and I will never forget your performance in Top Girls. So great. I know you’re already on your way to glowing success. Do keep in touch.

— Prof. Chris Cragin-Day


  • The King’s Players President
  • Partner Channel Intern at VMware
  • The King’s College Dean’s List (Spring 2020)


House of Clara Barton

Notes for Marisa

Marisa, thank you for running the TKP online open mic night last spring — it was a bright light in a dark time for all of us, one that I will never forget. And congrats on your graduation!


I will always cherish being your Barton sister. I remember riding in the van you drove to BDA my first year and then again for Barton Retreat and listening to your playlists. I deeply appreciated your support as my Secretary of Interregnum and the ways you invested deeply into the House. But perhaps my favorite memory is when we met for coffee at Bean and Bean my freshman year, and you explained to me the beauty of living in community. That conversation has stayed with me over the years. Congratulations, dear friend, and I wish you much success and happiness in your next endeavors.

Ris! You have been so good to me and I am so thankful to be your friend. While I miss being a theater kid with you, I’m glad I get to be your neighbor now (give or take a few blocks). I remember my literal first thought when I met you was “wow she’s so cool” and now you’ve somehow become even cooler than that. How do you do it? Obviously I’m a little obsessed with you so I hope you know that you’re stuck with me. At the very least I’ll never forget to tell you happy birthday. Love ya, twin!!

I don’t think words will ever adequately capture just how dang PROUD I am of you for getting to this point. Your growth from a very, very stressed junior I talked to for the first time outside the student union to a stunning, powerful, (still stressed) working woman has been so, so cool to witness. Love you so endlessly, and INCREDIBLY excited for you + your future. YOU DID THE DANG THING!!!

We are both exceptionally proud of you as our daughter and profoundly impressed with the amazing woman you are! Graduating from King’s is a wonderful achievement, a hard-earned result of your dedication and pil-seung spirit and just one of many successes to come. We love you more than words can say, Dad and Mom.

YOU DID IT MY DUDE!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so, SO, proud of you and all you’ve done to get to this point. You are going to do some pretty amazing things and I cannot wait to see you do them! I am so glad I know you and that we have been able to share so many amazing memories! One day we’ll be famous stand-up-comedians and we’ll thank Dr. Bleattler’s museum trips and midtown grocery stores, but mostly we’ll have to thank King’s for giving us the opportunity to meet and become friends. I am so proud of you! <3

Congratulations, Marisa! Throwback to your freshman year and all the times you shared your pizza and buffalo dip. <3 You are kind to the core and I wish you the very best!


Man oh man do I miss the pool days. Thanks for always being a great friend, a good listener, and a talented phenom at beating me the whole game only to pot the white on the 8-ball hahaha. I know life is crazy but we seriously need to link up one of these days, ASAP.

I hope life gives you nothing but blessings fam. Continue to be the chill, dope person you are.

Stay in touch <3

Ris! You are genuinely one of the coolest and chillest people I’ve ever met. You are a big part of what makes Barton lovely and warm. You’re missed already! Congrats <3

Ris!!! You’re already CRUSHING the game out in the post-grad world, but I’ll always be thankful for the joy and wisdom you brought to King’s!! You’re def one of the coolest people I’ve met, and I know you’re only gonna get cooler! Congratulations!!!!

Marisa, I treasured our long walk at Fall Retreat a couple of years ago, and the few we’ve had since. I so admire your readiness to grow. I wish you all the best in the next season of your life!

Ris, congratulations!! I’m so proud and happy for you! You killed it and now you’re on to bigger and better things. Go girl!! I’m so happy to have met you and thankful to have you as a friend

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