Pavel Goz


Cum Laude

Pasha, I will never forget the essay you wrote freshman year about the White Nights of St. Petersburg! I enjoyed having you in several literature classes as well, always in the front row and always eager to dive into great books. Congratulations and best wishes for the future.

— Dr. Ethan Campbell


  • Men’s Basketball 2018-2021


House of Ronald Reagan

Notes for Pavel

Pasha! My Russian friend–congrats! From the classroom (Dr. Brand all day, all the way!) to the halls, seeing you always brought me such joy. So excited to see you thrive in post-grad and married life 🙂 God has amazing things in store for you and Jenn–never lose that childlike wonder for life and keep reflecting God’s love to this world. You will be missed–don’t be a stranger!

I truly don’t know what King’s would have been without you. You were one of the best friends I had here and I value your wisdom, care, and steadfastness. You are an excellent man and I hope to know you for years to come.

Pasha, thanks for your fellowship on the adventure of the last four years. Little did I know that my freshman year roommate would become a lifelong friend. I look up to your example of humility, integrity, and joy in the face of trials. You’ve taught to me appreciate life as it comes, in the little things and regardless of circumstances. From impromptu road trips to Montreal, to woodland adventures on house retreat, to a taste of Russia at Brighton Beach, I have enjoyed our escapes from the mundane. Cheers to the next chapter!

Pasha, you are such a dear soul. I remember studying for the Shakespeare final and how you organized my unorganized study guide into a fantastic quizlet. I mused to Kaylee that you were such a good egg, nodding my head in Pasha-fashion. Kaylee replied, “What a good soul. If Pasha were a knight, he would be called Sir Pasha the Kind,” and I couldn’t have said it better.

I always think of that memory whenever I run into you or see another post on your magical blog. Thanks for being a very sweet friend and classmate these past couple years. Congratulations on finishing up! Can’t wait to see what God has in store for you and Jenn in the future!

Pasha! You have brought such joy + light to the kings college. Your absence will be greatly noticed. So thankful that you are in my brother house and glad that you get to take care of our Queen Jenn. Hopefully I’ll still see y’all around NYGM every now and then!

Pasha, it was good getting to worship with you during the infancy of Morning Prayer in the Student Union a couple of years back. Congratulations on finishing your time at King’s! Wishing you all the best in what’s to come!

Pasha, may your humor and your curiosity guide you to the next adventure! I’m so grateful to have gotten to watch you come to King’s and thrive in New York. Sending you a warm congratulations, a little guitar jam session, and a fresh-baked pie, in spirit.

PASHA!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are so cool and so sweet and I am so proud of you! I am so glad we had many a class together and you always did the Christmas Radio Show! You are amazing and I know you’re going to do great things!

Congratulations, Pasha! I have such fond memories from doing the Christmas Radio Show with you. Excited for you as you enter this next stage of life. All my best!

Though I know you very little, I couldn’t let our legendary performance of Henry V ft. prop of latex glove from bluestone lane go forgotten.
Happy trails!

Pasha my bro,

Thank you for being you man, seriously. You have such a kind spirit and it’s been a blessing have you present on campus and in my life. I hope we stay in touch brother, and I look forward to seeing you tackle the next stages of life.

PAVEL! Tis a shame no one here calls you with such potency like myself. It was a genuine pleasure being in Reagan with you, and I know you will thrive in your field of choice! I remember meeting you and your father during NSO. Send him my best. Reagan smash!

Congratulations, Pasha!! I’ll miss your bright smile and friendly attitude!

Pasha, when I think about you, I think “yeah, he’s a really kind person.” I’m grateful to have experienced some of that kindness myself, and I wish you (and Jenn!!) the best on your future adventures!!

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