Shá Sanders

Religious and Theological Studies

Sha, What a treat it was to get to know you. Your commitment to justice is both admirable and deep. You always added a vital perspective to our class discussions.

— Dr. Robert Carle


  • Women’s Basketball 2018-2021


House of Corrie ten Boom

Notes for Shá

This little comment box can’t begin to contain the thoughts and feelings I would love to express. We started at King’s together and what a rough year that was, but we held together and saw God do incredible things. Who could have known all that the Lord would accomplish in and through you in these four years. You deal with people and issues with honesty and insight, and much love! I honestly cannot imagine CtB without you. Can’t wait to see all that God has for you in your next steps!

Congrats- Shá! You are the real deal. Wishing you the best in all of your next endeavors. You’re gonna be a great lawyer. Proud of you!

Where to start…you are so courageous. Fighting for what you believe in, and embodying valor in every sense of the word. I have seen you push yourself to be better, to grow, to support others, to have support. You have not only learned a lot while you have been here, but have also taught me (and others) a lot as well. About loyalty, compassion, tenacity, advocacy, and never giving up. This community is a better place because of you, and your absence will be palpable. So proud of you and all you have accomplished. Cheering you on from the sidelines, Ky.

Shá, from the moment I met you I knew you and I were going to be great friends. You’re an incredible role model and someone I know I can always text when I need to vent or process through something. I am so incredibly proud of all you have accomplished in both your academic and personal lives! You’re courageous, wise, and compassionate. God is leading you to do great things in your life and I’m so excited to see it unfold! Love you forever.

Thank you for welcoming me into The Table so openly. I loved getting to serve alongside of you this year and am SO impressed by you. Seriously, you’re going to kill it and I’m excited for what’s in store for you. Keep loving well and remember to reach out to the support around you. You may be graduating but we’re still here and ready to catch up (with some occasional call outs/advice thrown in as needed).

Sha, congratulations! You are crossing the threshold into new academic adventures, and you are well-prepared. I’m excited to see where your next steps take you. Thank you for all you’ve given to King’s over the years. You will be missed!

SHA!! We did it! I am so proud to call you my friend and sister in Christ. I could have never done this with out you. So thankful to have gotten to know you and get to celebrate such a beautiful accomplishment with you. You amaze me everyday. So excited to watch you flourish in law school and beyond!!

I am beyond proud to call you one of my friends and watching you walk the past four years with humility and diligence has been one of my favorite things. I love you endlessly and cannot wait to see you tackle what comes next!!

You know, I wish I hadn’t been terrified to talk to you for the past three years—you always seemed waaaayyyy too cool for me. And, turns out, that was true, but your endless love, deep, DEEP commitment to community, and the uncomfortably relatable relatable tiktoks you sent me have guaranteed you’re never getting rid of me. I am so proud of you and SO excited for you and your future. In your corner always, no matter what, no matter how long it’s been.

Congratulations Sha! You are super cool and super talented and I have loved getting to know you these past four years. Some of my best memories are texting back and forth with you during meetings with funny jokes. I know you are going to shake up the world in the best way possible and I can’t wait to see what you do next! I owe you another cider 😉

Shá, what a gift it has been to know you these past 4 years. You have one of the biggest, strongest, and most courageous hearts that I know of. You love fearlessly and loyally. You’re brilliant and you use that gift to protect those you care about most. When I look at you, I honestly am just left wishing I could be more like you. I hope you see the powerful fingerprints that you’ve left on the King’s community, which will be there long after anyone at King’s knows who you are.

Congratulations, friend! You’re going to crush it in law school this coming year!!

I love you my sweet, fierce, pinchable cheeks, strong, world changer! You challenge and love people so well. I admire you and miss you!!

You are such an inspiration to the whole school and we are all better off to know you. Your passion for truth and justice are evident to all who know you and I have no doubt that you will be successful in whatever you put your mind to.

Sha, you’re leaving King’s far better than you found it. I am grateful that I got to watch you serve your house and the school, even from afar, and I have regularly been impressed by your ability to look beyond the surface and find ways to deeply invest in King’s and the people around you. Your loyalty and dedication does not go unnoticed! Good luck with your post-grad endeavors, I’m sure you will go far 🙂

Sha, I love you so much, friend. your kindness, service, and perseverance inspire me so much. I could not have got through this year without you and I am gonna miss you next year, but also I know you are gonna kill it at law school!!!! so proud and congratulations! 🙂

Shá! You have made a significant difference at King’s with numerous things that you have done. You are leaving a huge legacy behind.
I have so much respect for you and I am sure you are going to achieve incredible things.
Thank you for being an inspiration to so many people at King’s.

– Marcos

SHÀ!!!! I am so so SO proud of you. Thanks for always sending me tiktoks and making me laugh. You’re a great friend and you are going to kill it in law school! May God bless you continually!

Shá, words can’t describe what you’ve done in my life. I’m so blessed to know you and your crazy antics. I’m proud. You’re going to reach amazing heights in your life and I can’t wait to be by your side when you do so. It’s a forever thing! 🤎

Sha! I love you with my whole heart and I am so thankful that we’ve been able to go on this journey together. There is no way I would have been able to make it without you. You are a solid rock to the King’s community and have helped make so many people feel at home here. The impact you have made will not be soon forgotten. Congratulations! Get some rest. You’ll be back at it in law school soon enough.


I Love you. I’m proud of you, my future lawyer. Your future is bright, and you’ll always shine. We will always be friends, no matter what. See you soon, so we can share some laughs and make more memories together.


I’m so freaking proud of you!! You came here and killing it, going above and beyond what anyone asked. You have led by example and truly embody what a servant leader looks like. You deserve every award for the work you’ve put in inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations!! I’m so proud of you and happy to have you as my friend #rnmfl

Thank you for being a fierce advocate for King’s students and a champion for the possibility of growth. I admire you so much! Congratulations, Shá!

Shá, I can’t possibly put down in words how much you mean to me, but I hope this will do: your faith, your dedication, your willingness to love and see the work of the Lord in the most challenging of times inspires me daily. I have seen how you’ve transformed the people around you and inspired them to do good things in this world – I hope you always, always know what a vessel for greatness you are. You’re an inspiration, and I’m cheering you on as you head to law school! Love you!

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